The Secret’s Out

WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME!? The line I sobbed repeatedly as my director drove me down to Florida for Teen Challenge Round 2. All I did was drink once, whats the big deal? I already did 14 months in a program. What will 6 more months do? I tried this way already and it didn’t... Continue Reading →


You’ll Always Be an Addict

I’ve been avoiding talking to you about this. My heart is racing and I feel full of dread. I don't want to tell you these things. I don't want to be so vulnerable. BUT, I know I need to. I need to tell you so that you stop thinking you're the only one... There is... Continue Reading →

Realities of a Stranger

Do you want to know what reality is? Reality is having countless blackouts and alcohol poisonings because liquor has become your closest comfort. It's being so depressed that you drive your car head-on into an 18-wheeler, hoping your life would end. Reality is shoving your fingers down your throat because you think if you look... Continue Reading →

Bravery Over Slavery

  Have you ever noticed that people are captivated by bravery? Think about it. Every man loves the movie “Brave Heart”.  Young boys idealize superheroes who fight crime and stand up against the bad guy. Young girls obsess over a knight in shining armor to rescue them from a burning castle. There’s a yearning inside... Continue Reading →

The “A” Word

People in recovery usually hate the “A” word. This one word that requires all self-esteem, ego, and pride to go out the window. The one word that sounds like nails on a chalkboard; being repeated over and over during group sessions. The one word that forces you to get outside of yourself and ask for... Continue Reading →

Sirens that Lure

There is a story in Greek Mythology about a group of women they call Sirens. If you're not familiar with this story; bear with me, its about to get a little weird. The Sirens were beautiful women who would sing and allure sailors to their island. The men who heard the seductive and compelling sounds became... Continue Reading →

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